Thanksgiving in San Angelo

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in San Angelo this year. We had a great time!

Omni Mandalay Hotel

I surprised Chris and took him to the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas for a little getaway. It was much needed for both of us!

Max is getting so big!

I surprised Chris with a beagle puppy this summer and he is already getting so big. He and Champ have become best friends. They play all day long. Yesterday we took Max on his first walk through the neighborhood on a leash. He did really well but he didn't enjoy the walk as much as Champ. Champ always loves going on walks but Max didn't think it was very fair. He had to take 5 steps for every 1 of Champs. By the end of the walk, Max was pathetic. He was so tired as soon as we went inside, he fell asleep. Check out our pics of Max and Champ...

Adam's Graduation

We had a pretty funny weekend. We planned on spending the weekend with Chris' family at the family farm to celebrate his cousin's graduation. Adam graduated from Texas A&M Commerce. So on Friday, Chris gets a call from his friend Bryan that the minister that was supposed to be marrying him on Saturday had kidney stones and the pastor of his church was already doing a funeral. He asked Chris to do the wedding and of course, Chris said yes, he would be happy to do it! So we drove on Friday to the rehearsal and then to the family farm. On Saturday, we went to graduation, ate lunch, and drove to the wedding just in time for Chris to marry them. We felt terrible for Bryan and Bretney but Chris did a great job. In the end...Adam graduated and Bryan and Bretney are married so the weekend turned out great! Here are some pics...

Our niece - Annabelle

Chris has taken up a new hobby of editing photographs.  I took this picture of Annabelle at Lou's wedding and he edited it.  He made the picture black and white, except for Annabelle's beautiful blue eyes.  I think it looks amazing!

Our New Puppy!!!

On Saturday, I surprised Chris with a Beagle puppy named Max! He was soooo excited! Max is tan and white with green eyes, 7 weeks old, and quite the whiner! We are in the process of trying to potty train and crate train him. It has definitely required patience... (Especially at night!!!) but we love him. Champ now has a friend to play with. He's not sure if he's excited yet because he is no longer an "only child" but he will learn to love him.

Horseshoe Bay Resort

We went to the Horseshoe Bay Resort for the weekend with Julie's family. The resort was great. It was right on the lake, had multiple pools, lawn games, golf, a beach, etc... We had a great time playing golf on the 18 hole putting greens. BJ won every time but it was fun! It was too short but very relaxing!